1974 Kurtis 500 Runner Bottom Super light Drag layup

over 6 years ago
 1974 Kurtis 500 Runner Bottom Super light Drag layup
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Well , I decided to concentrate on building my Schiada right now.. I did buy the parts to fix this back to how it should be.. I DO have a 10 Degree Casale with Whirlaway with 15% gears in it, also a up/down pedal with lockout for it and a Pair of Russell 11 gallon Polished Stainless tanks will sell boat with all the parts for 4800.00 and im pretty firm at that since i'm in deeper then that.. Boat is a 1974 Kurtis 500 Drag layup 3/8th runner bottom, with 1 inch stringers . I do have the seats for it but they are back to back seats .. basically everything is there to put this together.. the Paint is new and looks good, the trailer is restored and lights are upgraded to LED's .. floor and stringers are in good shape (no Delam) ..bulkhead and stuff are still in solid shape. this is a 3/8th runner .. all hardware is there and I do have a receipt for the V-Drive being built by Casale in 2011 .. asking 4800.00 with the parts listed above or.. no casale or down pedal or tanks for 3000.00 which will Still include the Halibrand v-drive and the original plastic tanks.. .. boat comes with BBC motor plates and bell housing and driveline cover .. I also have a few other parts I can sell with the boat for cheaper then i'd sell them outright Newish Rewarder headers for BBC and a Timing Cover/ water pump... The Down pedal setup is directly out of my 1983 Schiada and is in good shape. 530-333-1047 Bill.. Located near Auburn Cali.