MaxProp 14 inch Dual Blade used

about 2 years ago
MaxProp 14 inch Dual Blade used
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Greetings CFers.
Long time no post.
Expat deal ended, sold boat and have some items to sell.
This item is the absolute best thing we did to our boat. Fits Volvo SD20 and maybe others.
Replaced a folding prop.
With the 10hp MD2010 and SD20 we would get a solid 5.7 knots with this prop. Folding prop was lucky to get 3.5.
The best thing was positive reversing.
Like disc brakes. It is pretty easy to set up and was a direct replacement.
It has a 14inch diameter and a 5 1/2 inch pitch. Feathers immediately and never had an issue.
Gears are in 100% condition, it's clean and ready to lube and install.
You may want to replace the hex bolts as they are a bit rounded.
Compare new at over $1700 bucks.
This one is offered at $875 OBO + shipping from Cincinnati Ohio.
If there is genuine interest I can upload internal pics. Otherwise I will try eBay.
I also have a complete SD20 bellows kit.
includes metal ring, bellows, hull skirt, gasket kit and I'll throw in a new zinc.
Asking $60 OBO + shipping for that.

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