Seafrost refridgeration system

over 4 years ago
Seafrost refridgeration system
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I have a complete working currently in use Seafrost refridgeration system, it is a 110ac, or option of engine drive. You can remove the entire engine drive portion and sell if not needed or wanted. The system, works perfectly with it removed. There is a holding plate in the freezer space (4 cu ft) and one in the Fridge (also 4 cu ft) will include all wiring, thermostat, control, compressor, and eng drive compressor, and all mounting hardware and engine control panel for eng drive system, Works great, Freezer at 28 and fridge at 32 on lowest possible setting, will cool a much larger space, and only ac compressor only runs about 45 min a day total. We are changing to a 12V only system. Will remove once new system arrives but can keep it in place a little longer if you want to see it in action.
$475 obo