?American Promise? Signed Hardcopy Book

almost 4 years ago
?American Promise? Signed Hardcopy Book
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Own a piece of American Sailing History
I?m asking $35 and you pay the shipping. Paypal accepted and you pay the shipping. The book is in perfect condition including the dust cover.
"American Promise" is an inspiring 1985 true adventure story about 53 year old Dodge Morgan?s 150 day solo non-stop circumnavigation voyage. In doing so he became the first American and third person to accomplish the feat while shattering the time record. The Author has been inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame and passed away in 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/18/sp...rgan.html?_r=0 .
But wait there is more. Buy the Morgan book and I will throw in the box:
1. The Bounty Mutiny: Captain William Bligh's First hand Account of the Last Voyage of HMS Bounty by Captain Bligh
2. Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before by Tony Horwitz
3. Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Henry Dana Jr
4. The Perfect Storm (If you are thinking I saw the movie why bother? you have missed a great nautical adventure that the movie only touches on. I?ve recommended it to none sailors who now rave about the book after reading it. Who knew?)
All books these bonus books are paperback and in excellent condition.

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