21' Daytona (Jet) 1983 Located in SE-Pennsylvania

almost 2 years ago
21' Daytona (Jet) 1983 Located in SE-Pennsylvania
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This is a really clean (turn key) Daytona, meticulously maintained, original gel, interior redone to match the original.
A few specs.
*1983 21' Daytona Eliminator (Jet) 7-color Gel with clearcoat over
*468 10:1 Chevy with 'maybe' 25 hours since full rebuild and addition of Lunati Voodoo roller cam
*049 iron heads worked over nicely
*two-bolt main block with ARP studded mains, OE rods reconditioned with ARP bolts
* OE cast iron crank cut 10/10 and block was linehoned
*Morel hyd rollers & valve springs came from Straubtechnelogies
* Ferrea exhaust valves
*I have a new annular 850 DP and also a Vac Secondary 850 (on boat now)
*2011 installed a new MSD RTR dizzy
*Jomar stud girdle installed with roller cam, also Crower roller rockers
* I personally degreed in cam, checked valve geometry and ordered correct length pushrods
*Weiand Stealth intake manifold with very new Holley 850 vac secondary...very new 850 annular DP also goes with boat.
*complete wiring harness from gauges to the back of boat was custom made by GS Marine (I installed)
*Berk 12JG with Aggressor-A = to berk 2-A Impeller...pump is set-back but I did NOT bust through the hull. Hand Hole can be removed from back of boat = nice!
*MPD machined intake for cutback shoe & rideplate
*1983 Competitive tandem axle trailer (surge brakes)
*2010 new trailer bunks and carpet...used boat in 2010,11, 12 and twice in 2013 and
been winterized since
*the close-up engine pic is before I set the pump back but engine looks the same
*all 8-spark plugs burn clean, with fuel-ring at the bottom of porcelain as should be
*picture showing oil pressure, temp at idle...at extended upper rpm running oil temp will climb to 205-210 perfect for burning-off any moisture. (engine NEVER makes milkshake under the valve covers-NEVER)!
I have more info and many more pictures and all reciepts...please, no time wasters or dreamers