1989 Fineline Hydro

over 1 year ago
1989 Fineline Hydro
Aqua Jet
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Not mine, helping the owner out. Went to look at the boat this morning.
It is complete. With that being said, there is quite a bit that would have to be redone to be correct ..... even more to pass a tech inspection.
But for someone that wants a 100mph+ boat outa the box just to go whoop on their buddies, this is it.
11 to 1 Big Block Ford
Fresh rebuild..... only break in time on the motor, 4 years ago
All forged internals
Cobra Jet Heads
Offenhauser injection manifold and throttle body
Anodized purple "Rons"
belt driven fuel injection pump
Casale with whirl away
Capsules last cert in 98'
1 1/4" prop shaft two piece to 1 1/8"
Clever prop
T fuel tank
Air shift in / out
Road worthy dolly trailer w/ removable tongue
Mallory ignition
Call (760) 223-0013 with questions about boat
Stringers are 1" didn't appear to be any rot, but stringer washers were sinking into glass an 1/8"
Owner is asking $7000...... I think it's worth every penny for someone with some time to redo a little bit of it

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