Transom LED lights

over 2 years ago
Transom LED lights
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I built these lights for myself with no intent to sell. They have worked out so well I decided to sell a few. I have a bunch of materials left over and am selling off what I have. A lot of research and development went into these lights. These are by far the brightest LED lights I have seen. Each light has 24LED's that total 72 Watts. Other lights don't even come close in brightness AND price.
They are secured by 2 Stainless Steel screws and connect to 12volts. Each light also comes with fuses and holder.
They will work on a charging battery. They are very easy to install, and only draw around 5 Amps each. I can make either Green, Blue $250 a pair or Aqua. The Aqua are $350 a pair. With the Aqua you can turn on just green or just blue. With both on it makes Aqua. You won't find a light, anywhere at this price. Green are great for fishing and blue for the cool factor. Each light is tested before shipping. The price is for a pair. Currently I have 2 green pair and 2 Blue ready to ship. I will only make them as they are sold, so lead time will take around a week or two before shipping. You can email me at and I will get right back to you. ( Note the picture shown is just ONE light in a bucket of water )
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