Aries Wind Vane - Wheel Drum

over 4 years ago
Aries Wind Vane - Wheel Drum
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This came with my lightly used aries vane. My boat has tiller steering so I don't need this. All appears to be working, there's a bolt to lock it down with. The vane is in very nice shape itself, I'm not sure it was ever used in anger. This drum looks similar. It has a patina, but does not appear to have any wear on it.
Heavily built, it appears to be bronze.
I have to sell as-is. I have no way of testing it. But it all appears to work fine, if you unlock it the drum turns easily from the base. There's some wire to go to the vane from the previous installation.
There are 3 loops to attach to your wheel. The blue stuff is just tape holding the wire onto the drum.
$400+S&H. If you have an original Aries tiller/chain clamp I'll give this to you for $325.