Dickinson Baltic Diesel cookstove

over 3 years ago
Dickinson Baltic Diesel cookstove
Mark Hall
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This is the older Baltic model with the 3 inch stove pipe.
It came out of my schooner when I gutted the boat for repairs and rebuild.
When I rebuilt, I didn't want to lose the real estate I gained, since it was dead center in the boat.
Note that the controls are on the back of the stove for an athwart ship mount.
These controls can be moved to the left side, if you want to place it fore and aft.
It was installed on the boat ca. 1977, and I took it off 2011.
It cleaned up well, there is a missing screw head (the the sea rail fits securely, and there is some missing firebrick.
It shouldn't prevent it from working correctly, but it wouldn't hurt to put some refactory cement in.
I comes with the tools to make it work, two pot holder, and the first stove pipe that screws to the top of the stove.
I'll start at $250, but I really would like to see it used, so bring me an offer.
Pictures following (and a picture of my boat after the rebuild.)