1963 Stevens SK Skier

6 months ago
1963 Stevens SK Skier
Bimini Skier
Spike Morelli
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Anyone looking for a project boat would do well to check my offering out. I bought this boat years back, for a friend who told me he was looking for this very boat, but that friend wasn't really serious about wanting it and backed out. I've kept it, covered, but I have enough to keep me busy, and am putting her up for sale. It's a 1963 Stevens flatbottom, an Sk Skier model , 17'. I got it less engine, but all of the hardware that came on it , including v-drive, a Hall-Craft parallel shaft, goes with it, and much of the hardware has been re-conditioned by me good as new. The trailer is a single axle Vance, the original trailer that was sold originally with this boat, and still has it's Vance tag on the tongue.
I'm asking $500 for all that I have, boat, trailer, and all of the parts. PM me for any questions.

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