Gen 5 496 BBC

almost 2 years ago
Gen 5 496 BBC
Black Eagle
Available on
Peoria, AZ Posts 2,600

Up for sale is a Gen 5 BBC.
Never been fired.
Here are some of the specs,
Factory 4 bolt main block standard deck height (extra .001 clearance on pistons for marine or cold running engine)
4.25 stroke Forged crank (2 piece rear main seal)
6.385" Eagle H beam rods
JE-SRP Forged 4032 aluminum Pistons
(compression approximately 10 to 1)
Plasma Moly File-to-fit rings (Set for marine/HP NA application)
(I have another set of new pistons and rings that are high compression 13 to 1 that could be installed for additional cost)
Felpro head gaskets
088 Gen 5 rectangle port heads fully ported. 2.25 intake and 1.9 exhaust valve
(I do not have flow numbers)
Herbert roller cam and horizontal bar lifters (Was set for a v-drive boat so bigger than what a jet or street car would want)
3/8 .080 wall chromoly pushrods
Crane Gold 1.7 rockers and crane gold stud girdles
Roller springs and Titanium retainers 10* locks
Jesel belt drive for the cam
(I have another set of Valve Covers I might throw in to sweeten the deal if they will fit over the stud girdles)
Now, what the engine does not come with,
Jesel belt distributor drive.
Stack injection system (manifold, nozzles, lines, pump, bypasses or anything related to it)
Drusump pump, tank, lines or pan.
Hall effect crank trigger
also has no rear distributor or distributor plug.
Gen 5 496 Long block $5,000
Now, the price is for the long block only, but being that I am a living breathing person everything is for sale.
If you want some of the options that you see then we can negotiate that.
I also have a set of brand new high compression pistons that could be installed if that is what you might need (13 to 1 range).
If you want me to install your oiling system and induction and dyno test it I can for an additional fee.
Feel free to PM me for more details and any options that you might be interested in.
I have more pictures I will post later that were taken during the build.
PM me for contact info, details and questions.
The engine on the right.

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