Sometimes life just gets in the way : Nostalgic Wildercraft looking for a home .....

about 2 years ago
Sometimes life just gets in the way : Nostalgic Wildercraft looking for a home .....
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One of those many projects that I was going to get around to one day, but sometimes Life gets in the way. I've had the boat for nearly 20 years .. time to let someone get it back on the water.
Best offer on the boat by Saturday June 25th and it's yours.
If you or someone you know might be interested in the boat let them know.
Would prefer that the boat be picked-up in San Diego County, but we can work something out maybe.
You can send me a PM for phone number or to discuss.
Boat is a 19ft Wildercraft. The best information I have is the boat weighs about 375 lbs. It's pretty light
best of my knowledge the pump has a stainless "B" impeller. I've never had it apart
Rail kit set-up for BBF. somewhere I have the engine plates. I'll see if I can dig them up
Boat has not had an engine in it for 20+ years. Transom needs work where stringers attach can make offer on the 840hp 528" pump-gas engine ( built by Bostick)
I was thinking about putting in the boat a couple years ago. Thread on the engine:
521" Ford pump gas build
( click on thread title)
Engine specs:
Dove A block .060 over ( aftermarket 4 bolt kit, block from Paul Kane) 4.42 bore
521" FRPP kit 4.30" stoke, Eagle rods,replaced SRP pistons with JE's to work with A-460 heads
'93 A-460 heads 2.3 intake heads flow 420 cfm at .750
Schneider solid roller: @ .050" 276-284 ( adv. 306-312) lobe lift .430int - .435ex, lobe sep 112
gross lift .744int .752 ex
Pump gas build to run 11:1 compression:
I pulled the boat pan off because I was going to do something else with the engine, so it now has a Canton pan on it, but not sealed up.

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