Perkins 4-108 Spares

about 2 years ago
Perkins 4-108 Spares
Blue Water
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If you've got a Perkins 4-108 and want to stock up on spares, here's your chance!
What we have here are the spares that the previous owner had stockpiled for his cruise.
As the boat has since been repowered, we have no use for any of these parts other than balast and they aren't very efficient at that.
(1) Perkins Water Pump Y5MW0054 (and gaskets)
(2) NAPA 1459 oil filters
(2) Globe Marine Impeller Part No. 075 (and 1 gasket?)
(1) Sierra Impeller Kit 18-3081
(1) looks used impeller?
(4) rebuilt Perkins Atomizer (Fuel Injectors) R2645698 (3 of them are still sealed, one of the boxes has fallen apart, but the injector is inside sealed up in a bag still)
(1) NAPA Fuel Filter 3166
I live in Chicago and boat in Racine, so if you are local I can arrange to meet you, otherwise, I'll ask that you pay shipping charges in addition to sale price.
Asking $250 OBO for the lot.