Make offer. Flags from all over the world

over 3 years ago
Make offer. Flags from all over the world
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These are our courtesy flags from our circumnavigation. There are more than 45, we think. I will list the countries but guarantee everyone is there but 99% are. Some are $20+ flags from Bluewater Charts, about 15, some are $5 flags from Malaysia, some we bought along the way. I do remember wearing out Australia. We thought we would be attached to them but now I hate to see them wasted. I don't even want to know how much money is in them. We strung them for big reentry celebration and I would have to look everyone up to list them. Includes a still usable yellow Q flag. There are 35 in the photo but we found a few more.
Our route included the below
Bahamas, Turks, DR, PR, Antigua, Martinique, Guataloupe, st Vin, Granada, Netherlands for those islands, French flag for some, Columbia, Panama, fr poly,
Samoa, cook isl, Tonga, NZ, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Cal, Australia, Indonesia, Malasia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Yemen, jabouti, Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, British for Gib, morocco, not sure about Cape Verdes, and a few others that we didn't get to. Just let me know if you are interested and what your offer is in a reply or message.
Not taking less than $100. Will just keep for sentimental reasons.

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