2003 Super Air 210 Team Edition - Pittsburgh PA

about 5 years ago
2003 Super Air 210 Team Edition - Pittsburgh PA
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Pittsburgh PA

I'm putting my 2003 Super Air 210 TE up for sale.
I'm extremely meticulous with this boat, and all maintenance is done on-time using the best parts available.
The boat is extremely clean and always stored under a carport or inside a metal building (winter-time).
I purchased this boat in April of 2007 with about 225 hours on it.
It has been a great boat for me.
I have replaced a few small things on it along the way (a stock ballast pump in 2007, keypad in 2007, blower motor in 2007, glove compartment and engine hatch gas shocks in 2007, perfect pass servo motor in 2007) all of which were pretty simple.
The impeller is changed every 100 hours, oil changed every 50 hours with Royal Purple 15w40 and a K&N oil filter.
The V-drive gasket was replaced in 2009 I believe with a better gasket material.
Transmission and V-drive oil are also changed every year with Royal Purple fluids.
I also polished the gel coat in 2008 with 3M products (5 step process, took a couple weekends).
I've only left this boat in the water overnight 5 times or so since I've owned it.
I now live on the water and still trailer it 5 min to/from the ramp to avoid having it sit in the water!
The boat is detailed every month with Malco vinyl cleaner and 303 protectant.
I also put a good coat of marine wax on it every month.
It is ALWAYS wiped down after each use.
hours: 799 as of today
Engine: PCM 5.7 Excal 330
Stereo: Mostly stock, (2) clarion amps, Clarion sub, Stock Clarion head unit with accessory switch wired in (flip the switch to play an Ipod or MP3 player), MB Quart Boss tower speakers, Clarion remote.
I'm not much into stereo set-ups, so this is more than enough for me.
Stock Bimini Top
Perfect pass
Boatmate tandem axle trailer with disc brakes on all 4 wheels.
Oil bath style "bearing buddy" hubs.
Tires are 1 year old and show no signs of wear.
Hatch access buttons (cool feature they did away with after 2003)
Fresh water flush: great for winterizing/de-winterizing or warming the engine up before an oil change
The options that it does not have: shower and heater.
FLY-High fully integrated ballast system.
I did this in the spring of this year.
All of the hard tanks were removed for the following: Each rear locker has a 750lb sac, the stock center tank has been removed to make way for a Fly-high ski locker sac (I think this is about 650 lbs when full).
The center sac then overflows into an integrated bow sac which is about 600 lbs when full.
The stock pumps have been removed in favor of (3) Johnson Ultra Ballast reversible impeller pumps which are wired to function from the factory keypad.
I built a separate junction box with relays to make this all work.
Each pump has 2 relays, and 2 fuses (one for fill, one for empty).
The pumps are mounted on aluminum plates which are mounted to the backside of the bolts for the swim platform.
Each one is easy to get to, and easy to service if required.
My main goal was to keep this as factory looking and functioning as possible.
I built carpeted "dividers" which I hinged to gain access to the pumps, but are totally removable.
They also ensure the bags don't swell and contact the pumps or anything else when full.
The system works great, with no issues, just as it would from the factory.
I removed the front cooler and cleaned that area up with marine carpet so it blends in with the rest of the carpet in the boat.
It looks totally factory.
All of the bags have quick disconnect fittings on them for removal and storage for the winter.
All of the vent lines have check vales.
For wakeboarding, I usually ride with 1 or two other people, fill the rear sacs to about 350 lbs each, and fill the center and front sacs to capacity.
This produces a wake that is far bigger and more solid than most boats I've ridden behind (with just another person or two in the boat) at 70ft and 23mph.
The wakesurf wake is great too, although I rarely wakesurf, the 750lb sacs on either side fill and empty in about 5 min to swap from port to starboard surf sides.
Without any ballasts full, both sides of the wake will produce a clean wake from about 19.8 mph and up.
With the ballasts set up as I've noted above, 22+ mph produces the best wakes.
The rear sacs fill up to 350-400lbs in about 2 minutes, while the center and bow sac take about 7 minutes (center sac overflows into bow sac).
ACME 1464 prop: Added spring 2012 along with ballast upgrade.
Great hole-shot with all the weight, gets up to plane way faster than stock.
At 23 mph with wakeboarding ballast set-up, we are running at about 3050 RPMS.
At this rate, we burn about a half tank of gas per day on the water (we generally spend about 3-6 hours on the water, with each person taking 3 sets or about 9-12 sets total).
When we are out, we are typically riding...not much hanging out going on.
I think the fuel consumption is pretty good on this boat compared to other boats.
Spark plugs and distributor cap replaced in June 2012, I usually replace these every 200 hours.
Fuel filters replaced in 2011.
I installed new trailer brake pads in 2010.
Oil in the oil bath bearings changed in 2010 to Royal Purple.
The trailer is in good working order, and I wouldn't hesitate to tow this thing any distance for vacation.
Trailer also has new spare tire and rim just in case.
I have 2 covers for this boat, one is the stock Nautique cover, and one is a Rankin customer trailer-able cover that I purchased in 2008.
I also have the stock ACME 816 prop.
The only issue with this boat is the engine cover vinyl is starting to crack a bit in the very rear.
I've applied a bit of silicone to the cracks to prevent them from getting worse.
This is due to the center strap on my Rankin cover being tight while in storage over the winter.
The cold make the vinyl brittle I believe.
I've shown this in a picture below.
Boat is located about 40 minutes south of Pittsburgh PA.
Can help with delivery up to a reasonable distance (300 miles or so).
Price is $35,000
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