67 Stevens flatty

over 3 years ago
67 Stevens flatty
Available on
it Helena, Montana

Looking to sell my 67 Stevens Flatty.
454 Chevy Very low hours after rebuild.
Casale top loader v drive with reverse
fixed cav plate. (no down pedal or handle)
interior fairly good
new bearing on trailer and new tires
Sits on original trailer (as far as I can tell)
The boat has (from what I can tell) been in Montana for a while now.
The reason I say this...
it's had some work done to it that was most likely done by people that are not experienced with these type of boats.
Not to shoot anyone down in MT but lets face it...
there not very common.
I own 2 v drives out of maybe a total of 5 within 150 miles and the chance of seeing another one on the lake is like getting hit by lightning.
Luckily these things I speak of are small fixes like...
Getting a matching set of gauges,
changing the water jacket system on the motor plumbing to something a little less "home made"... etc
It pulls to the left a little bit when your cruising. I think it's due to the main 2 fins in the middle on the bottom of the boat are slightly bent.
The hull of the boat is super solid.
It clearly has had the stringers done and all of it done well.
There is one spot on the bottom at the back, right before the cav plate that could have been smoothed off a little better after a small repair.
It runs well and can be gassed up and run right now, but as far as the caliber of boats I see on here all the time...
it's in need of some more love.
This boat needs to be rescued by a community that can give this classic what it deserves.
I was going to restore it all and do it "right" but I needed a bigger boat for a growing family so I got a mini day cruiser.
I'm most likely asking a bit much for it based on the what I see on here, however in my area these things are so rare that the market is higher.
Not in a hurry to sell it and will probably end up keeping it until I do restore it someday or someone else around here sparks an interest in it.
I'm not advertising it in my area because it's really not worth the trouble with such little interest in these things here.
My plan is to just fire it up and take it out once and a while with a for sale sign on it.
I did figure I would post it on here though to see if anyone just "has to have it" for some reason.
Asking $3000, but willing to talk about price
Located it Helena, Montana.
Sometimes it's a while before I log back on here to see stuff so if you can't get a hold of me you can email me at: Melinko09@msn.com