WTB or Trade Quickfuel SS-750 carb for 850 cfm Quickfuel.

over 2 years ago
WTB or Trade Quickfuel SS-750 carb for 850 cfm Quickfuel.
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Have a Quickfuel SS750 CFM carb with electric choke and mechanical secondaries..for sale or trade .. this carb is a couple months old and has only seen maybe 2000 miles of street time..In perfect shape and looks new still.... Going with a 427 small block from a 383 sbc in the 69 Camaro and need more carb to accommodate it.. Looking for a good 850 , Preferably Quickfuel style carb.. must be Mechanical secondaries,
no electric choke tho... no choke or manual fine.. will sell this for 400.00 or possible trade . new cost me 559.00 and UP on ebay..
Electric Choke
1.375'' Venturi
1-11/16'' Throttle Bore
Down Leg Boosters
Mechanical Secondaries
Polished Main-Body
Anodized Billet Metering Plates
Anodized Throttle Body
The ideal carburetor for street drivers and sportsman racers!
The "SS" Series carburetors are assembled using custom calibrated metering blocks with stainless steel idle mixture screws. Notched secondary floats and jet extensions ensure superior fuel scavenging during acceleration. The flow is controlled with linkage plates welded to slabbed throttle shafts with Torx button head screws inside a Quick Fuel Technologies billet throttle body for superior airflow. Features secondary idle air set screw.