36' steel sailboat, Cape Horn vet

almost 4 years ago
36' steel sailboat, Cape Horn vet
Cape Horn
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Swain design cutter, twin keel (poured lead ballast), with low profile pilothouse and aluminum dodger.
36'loa x 30'lwl x 10'6"beam x 4'draft x ~20,000lbs disp.
Small, seaworthy centre cockpit.
Launched 1994, professionally welded, flame-sprayed (metallized) and epoxy-coated with sprayed insulating foam (1 1/2 to 2").
Isomat spars, Port Townsend/Carol Hasse sails (2010), Andersen winches, Isuzu C240, 4cyl 50 hp diesel engine.
Keel cooling (in skeg) and quiet muffled dry exhaust.
Fab-all (Sigmar) diesel heater and engine 'bus'-type heater.
Weatherly offshore passage-maker and a handy coastal cruiser. Proven in gales and calms.
Recently returned home to Vancouver Island after a 3 year, 24,000 mile circuit in the Pacific from BC to Mexico, Cape Horn , Polynesia,and the Aleutians.
Easily and frequently beached for maintenance or security (in drying lagoons).
Fast passagemaker : 18 days from Cabo San Lucas to Hilo,Hawaii; 2300 miles; and 17 days on the wind from Galapagos to Easter Island, 2100 miles. 3600 miles in 33 days in very light conditions from Juan Fernandez to Mangareva
A safe boat : full perimeter stainless steel railings for real offshore security, and a securely latched aluminum companionway door.
Our family has had many excellent adventures on this boat, with no mishaps, through cold and heat, greybeards and williwaws.
Whose turn for adventure next?
(photos from southern Chile/Patagonia)