Complete Dodger and Bimini, 36' Sailboat

almost 6 years ago
Complete Dodger and Bimini, 36' Sailboat
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Complete dodger and bimini set from a Catalina 36, "Cadet Gray" Sunbrella, in good condition. Asking $500 for the set.The dodger is probably 15 years old, was restitched in 2011, some zippers replaced. It has an external zipper across the top forward frame, ready to accomodate the addition of a connector piece to the bimini. Two-piece side panels allow more or less protection. The bimini looks newer and has zip-on side curtains for shade. Zippers in place at front and back edges to accomodate any future additions. Bimini front frame has hinged legs angled forward to make a braced, 4-point base. Rear frame is secured aft by ratcheting straps, tensioning the fabric. All deck mount hardware, ratchet straps and a zipper cover for the bimini when stowed are included.Dodger frame mounts span 8' 2" across boat. Front edge of dodger is about 3' forward, frame is about 3' high. Bimini front frame legs are 8' 7" apart, front frame mounts 8' 2" apart, rear frame mounts 7' 2". Front mount points to 2nd set is 28.5", 2nd to rear frame mounts is about 24". Standing on a flat surface, front frame is 5' 8.5" tall. Rear frame is 5' 2" tall. All dimensions approximate. Located in Rockland, Maine.For details, photos, information, call 207 491 5827 or send a PM.

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