B&M 420 Mega Blower Like New - 3 lobe Helix - 22 hours - Intake, Chiller, and more

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 B&M 420 Mega Blower Like New - 3 lobe Helix - 22 hours - Intake, Chiller, and more
Chris Craft
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Long story short, I am in the process of completely parting out a BBC which only had 22 hours on it as a result of leaky headers. Dropped the #7, and the rest is history. This is one of many new/updated parts from the motor I will be listing. The motor started out as a Teague 720. The B&M was sent to Supercharger USA and completely overhauled, converted to 3 lobe Helix rotors, internals all updated, no expense spared. Billet bearing retailer rings, heat treated input shaft, bored and trued, which apparently it was from B&M in order to do the conversion from 2 lobe straight to 3 lobe helix, receipts included. I will tell you that the 3 lobe helix conversion will suck the hell out of a pair of carbs. 20% more efficient as compared to the 2 lobe straight... You can do a pair of 750's on this if you dont plan on more than 5psi, if you plan on 10psi+, you will definitely need bigger, ask me how I know.. 2 carb sets later.. 1025CFM's pulled 15psi with same pulley config on 750's which only pulled 9psi and caused a rich effect on the top end cause we couldnt add big enough air bleeds to take it away. Comes with all the pulleys, I have 4...6.75, 6.3, 5.8, 5...
Comes with Superchiller, Intake, Blower, Wilson Carb Spacers, Carb Screens, Throttle Linkage, Pulleys, and 1 Superchiller Belt, and for the smaller pulley setup I have 2x 8rib belts I used...
$4500 + Ride... Im in Phoenix, AZ....
Chris - 602-320-5716