Nickerson 1025CFM Custom Carbs 22 Hours - like new

over 3 years ago
 Nickerson 1025CFM Custom Carbs 22 Hours - like new
Chris Craft
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Avondale, AZ Posts 91

If you read the B&M 420 Mega Blower post, then you already know.. If you didnt, I basically had 22 hours into a completely rebuild BBC that dropped a #7 due to leaky headers, so I am parting the entire motor and parts since I bought a new one.
These carbs have 22 hours on them and were customized by Dean Nickerson along with Polished and Black coloring scheme. I know Im losing my ass on this whole deal with all the new parts Im listing, this is just 2 of them. Paid $2900 for them plus another almost 300 to have them overnighted... Also new Blower style fuel lines are also included, paid $159 for those also.. My loss your gain....
$1500 for both carbs + Ride, includes fuel lines...
Chris - 602-320-5716