Complete rig from Storfidra 25 sloop. mast , sails rigging etc.

over 3 years ago
Complete rig from Storfidra 25 sloop. mast , sails rigging etc.
Coastal Bay
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Hi there, and thanks for looking.
I am converting my Storfidra 25 to a Chinese Junk Rig . . ...and am listing my complete , sailing rig for sale.
If you don't know the Storfidra , they are Swedish built , Bluewater pocket cruisers that are completely over built. Mine is no exception. . .she is most certainly built like the proverbial TANK.
I bought her with the junk rig in mind. . ...and it is now time to see if anyone out there may need her rig.
Sloop Rig , with self tending (boomed headsails)
mast length : 31'4" , oval shape 6 x 4"
internal halyards
2 halyard winches on mast
cabin top mast step
11' roller reefing boom
All Stainless standing rigging and turnbuckles in EXCELLENT condition. redone a few years ago.
1/4" uppers, forestay and double backstays
3/16" lower shrouds
All sails older , but totally usable , made by Rolly Tasker
Mainsail , 4 partial battens , 1 reef point , double stitched, I'll give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 , 1 small repair ,
Boomed working jib and boomed storm jib (each with it's own wood boom)
Bronze headsail boom Gooseneck hardware
Tan Sunbrella Main and Jib covers (pretty worn out)
The boat is in the San Francisco Bay area .
If you are building a boat or have lost your rig, give me call 650 701 6452 or shoot me an email and we can discuss.
I'd like to get $1500-2000. for the complete package.
thanks for looking

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