Cruising Guides $5 each/free US shipping

about 3 years ago
Cruising Guides $5 each/free US shipping
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Over the years I gathered quite a collection of cruising guides. In the years prior to owning Seaweed, they were my inspiration. Stuck ashore, well, there was nothing so good as reading about places I intended to go.
Then I bought the boat and all was well. Tucked the guides into my bookshelf (back row, behind Skipper) and continued my journey.
Unfortunately I managed to get a bunch of my cruising guides with mildew along the edges. Some have damage inside though all pages open and turn without issue. You can still read them.
What happened was this: They were in a bookcase directly above the reefer. The heat from my refrigerator compartment must have caused humidity. That, along with the heat set off the chain that left me with a bunch of books that I don't want to deal with.
Now if I was still on dirt with a place to spread them all out, you betcha I'd fix 'em. It's not hard. See YouTube for how-to's. In a 23' boat? No, I just cannot deal with it.
So today I offer them to you for free. Okay, you'll pay $5 per, and I cover shipping in the United States.
As you can see, the covers need to be cleaned and some are worse than others. These can be cleaned -- I just don't have the room on a 23' boat to do it, nor the inclination. YouTube will have videos on how to do it.
Titles: ($5 each and I pay shipping to any US location)
Cruising Ports the Central American Route by Capt. Pat Rains
Street's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean (Venezuela) - this one is old
Mexico Boating Guide (Baja, Sea of Cortez, Pacific Mainland, Gulf Coast and Yucatan) by Rains
Cruising Ports: Florida to California via Panama by Rains
Charlie's Charts of the Western Coast of Mexico by Wood (9th edition)
The Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California by Brian Fagan
A Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands by Pavlidis (by far in the worst shape of all books/cover is shot)
A Cruising GUide to Trinidad and Tobago by Pavlidis
The Yachtsman's Guide to Jamaica by Lethbridge - old, out-of-print and hard to find
A Cruising Guide to the Northwest Caribbean (Northern coast of Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Honduras and the Bay Islands, Guatemala and Rio Dulce) by Pavlidis
A Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands by Pavlidis (cover damaged)
The Virgin Islands by Pavlidis Puerto Rico including the Spanish Virgin Islands by Pavlidis (icky cover)
The Abaco Guide by Pavlidis
Bahamas Bound by Skipper Bob (3rd Edition)
A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast by Taft
The Turks and Caicos Guide includes Major Cruising Ports in the Dominican Republic by Pavlidis
On and Off the Beaten Path (The Central and Southern Bahamas Guide) by Pavlidis
The Exuma Guide by Pavlidis
The cover damage is from one cover sticking to the one next to it. I'm really frustrated with myself as I should have known about the issues long before now. I simply haven't been in the back row of books for too long. ARGH.
Some are old (from our boat, like the Venezuela book) but others are relatively new. If you want new/pristine, go to Amazon.
I'm tired, and frankly heartsick too. These represent a lot of cash outlayed, though they did serve the purpose of keeping me motivated in the years I took care of Mother (Alzheimer's)
If you're interested, email your list to me at mailto:
Post your wishes. Or PM here. Whatever works for you.
And thanks!