Boat Gear, Anchors, Ladders, Drift Socks Etc...

over 1 year ago
Coral Bay
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Missouri City

Cleaned out the Boat Shed of extras or stuff I just don't use anymore. The ladder was purchased from Amazon and by the time I finally got around to install it and realized it would not work on my boat it was past the return time so it's new never used.
Garelick Anodized Aluminum 2 Step Folding Transom Ladder, 300# capacity
Made in USA - New condition, $90 retail
6' Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Marsh Anchor with rope and float, held my 24' Bay Boat with no issue, have a power pole and just don't use it - Great condition $110 retail
2ea 36" Vinyl Drift Socks/Anchors, good condition, no tears, they worked great on my last 21' Boat but I moved up to 48" on my current boat - $~20ea retail
Rope Ladder - good condition $35 retail
Medium/large anchor - old with one Fluke missing but still does the job - $40 retail
Small anchor - great shape $25 retail
Halogen Trailer tail lights - worked when I removed them and upgraded to LED $5ea retail
$350 retail, asking $150 for everything
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