New Alternator for Perkins 4-108

over 2 years ago
New Alternator for Perkins 4-108
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Perkins 4-108 - High output 70 amp alternator. Supplied with cooling fan and pulley for 12mm (7/16" inch) belt. Electrical output connections are for battery (+), alternator warning lamp and an AC terminal for a tachometer.
This 12 volt Perkins alternator fits all marine versions set up for a 'three lug' mounted alternator. The adjuster arm securing bolt is at a 120 degree angle to the mounting arms. It mounts on the LEFT side of the Perkins engine (see picture). This alternator takes the earth (-) connection from the mounting to the engine block. They are not 'isolated earth'.
Also included with the kit is a packet of the correct electrical spade connectors and a wiring diagram.
This alternator is manufactured by Prestolite Electric, USA based and a world leader in automotive charging systems.
Cost New: $130. Sale Price: $90 plus shipping
I ordered the wrong model for my boat and it isn't worth the shipping or hassle to return it. email:bozDOTsailingATgmailDOTcom