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For sale - "SEA 322" SSB, asking $400, firm. I'm in Washington, DC area, and I will split shipping with you.
This was installed on my Shannon 28 when I purchased her a few months ago. The unit is older, but fully functional and has been well taken care of, just like everything else that came on my boat.
It includes the following:
-the transceiver
-transceiver mounting bracket (including all the correct screws)
-SEA 322 controller (including gimbal bracket)
-hand mic
-all cables
-instruction manual and maintenance manual (this is the larger, much more technical book with specs and trouble shooting)
-users manual
I'm not selling the copper grounding plate - it's basically falling apart and I don't think it would survive shipment and would not be fair to buyer. (there are affordable options out there) Also, look up "KISS SSB" for alternate options that some say are effective.
FULL DISCLOSURE - I did have to cut the P1 cable when removing this unit. It was simply impossible to remove due to the hull. So, it will require stripping wire and rewiring the plug. If you're not too comfortable doing that, I would maybe suggest springing for a new modern SSB that may require a little less tweaking. Just being honest!
DISCLOSURE #2 - the manuals once got wet. They are totally usable, they just have that "former wet paper" wave to it. I'm sure no boaters here know what I'm referring to, right??
I can provide more close up photos of that cut cable if you are seriously interested, of course.
Drop me a PM or text at 832-274-4997. Would love to pass on a piece of gear like this to somebody that could use it.
While I have witnessed it working when purchasing the boat, and am 100% sure it works, I will not accept returns or refunds because I have no idea what a buyer may have done to it after it leaves my possession.

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