197X Westerbeke 30 /Perkins Block 4-107

about 2 years ago
197X Westerbeke 30 /Perkins Block 4-107
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Working 197X Westerbeke 40 on a Perkins 4.107 Block.
Hurth Gear Approximately 1995.
Counter Clockwise Rotation for forward.
Gear has less than 150 hours.
Drive Saver.
Custom Alternator Bracket supports dual alternators (only 1 comes with Engine).
New Fuel Filter Assembly.
New Fuel Pump.
Fuel Injector Pump serviced approximately 5 years ago.
This engine uses heat exchangers for cooling; one for the engine coolant and one for cooling the oil.
Separate Oil Filter for easy servicing.
This engine works, but probably could use a rebuild.
Rings are fairly good; little smoke on start up and no smoke during normal run.
Engine has been partially disassembled.
LOTs of extra/spare primary parts:
Spare Header Tank.
Spare Heat Exchanger for engine cooling. Spare Oil Heat Exchanger.
Spare Exhaust Manifold.
Spare Water Pump (Internal/Coolant Water).
Spare Oil Sump/Filter.
Spare Oil Pump.
Spare Injector Pump (Value $400).
Spare Pulleys.
Spare Fuel Pump Parts.
Spare Rods (8).
LOTs of extra/spare miscellaneous parts:
Thermostats, Header Tank Caps, Fuel Filters (4),
Thermostat Gaskets, Valve Cover Gasket,
Intake Manifold Gasket, Exhaust Manifold Gasket.
Service Manuals included.
Pickup Only in Melbourne Florida area (Satellite Beach).