Custom masts & boom-fully rigged

over 2 years ago
Custom masts & boom-fully rigged
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Hello all. new to the forum. Posting these items for an elderly client/friend. Selling fully rigged main & mizzen masts & main boom. Deck-stepped configurations & comes with both custom-made hinged tabernacles. The rigging ends are Norse/Norse-style. The mizzen has internal halyards & main has external. These were made for the ferro-cement boat my client built. The boat itself was once wonderful, but is now only a good hull. It requires way too much work for my client to be usable so we're selling the masts & rigging...and willing to give the boat to anyone who wants to tackle the rehab. Boat & masts are in Detroit & inspections can be arranged. I have NO knowledge of the condition of these items apart from my visual inspection that they appear to be in good shape. The mizzen boom went overboard about a year ago & may be retrieved if desired - its laying on the bottom next to the boat - he's just too damn old to go diving for it...!! As for price, based upon what I can see for sale out there I think a fair price for fully rigged system would be $7K for main & boom; and $4K for mizzen - & you can dive for the boom! Price includes the tabernacles which we will remove from the boat. Please send me a PM for contact information

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