Headstay Fitting & Dry Bag

over 1 year ago
Delta West
Doug Brown
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SS headstay fitting for a 36 - 42-ft sailboat. The part that fastens to the stem is 12-inches long with 5 countersunk 1/2" holes. The "tang" to attach the forestay to is 5-1/2-inches
from the second bend and has a single 11/16-inch hole in it. The plate for fastening the bottom of the sail to is 6-inches long and has 3 holes - (1) 1/2" & (2) 3/8".
Pretty good condition, pretty massive.
$30 + shipping
West Marine dry bag
15-1/2" wide by 29" long before rolling to seal it. Never used, just a little dirty from being shoved in a locker.
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