Delta x anchor/ finish sander

over 4 years ago
Delta x anchor/ finish sander
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Mariana Trench

Depth adjustment is stuck at 1/2 and the table is kitty waumpus. Extension cords not included.
Loco pick up only.
Has variable speed which is good for anchoring.. The belt is course and may allow this to self bury when attached to an adequate power supply comes with 4 attachment points. Once over the side retrieval is not necessary .
Pretty sure if this was thrown in the Mariana Trench it would serve you well.
I would like pictures of the splash and GPS coordinates. But wait if you haul it away today you get the ben Riner slicer dicer at no added value. If you respond in the next 15 minutes you get not 1 but 2 if the latest hair removal technology devices made by no no .
That's one delta x anchor one ben Riner slicer and 2 no no's. All in one easy to order package.