Lewmar Delta 88lb anchor - Florida

about 2 years ago
Lewmar Delta 88lb anchor - Florida
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2013 vintage Lewmar Delta 88lb anchor - Very good condition.
This is a massive anchor.
For reference the chain pictured is 3/8" BBB, and the anchor weighs as much as the dog . It came with the boat I purchased and I already have a Mantus, with no room for 2 primaries.
The brownish spot on the heel of the anchor is not rust - rubbing hard with a hand comes away clean.
According to mfr:
Easy handling, self-launching design sets fast in any seabed
One-piece anchor is Lloyd's
Register-certified for high holding power.
Balanced to fall unaided
from bow rollers, so it's ideal for use with
remotely operated
windlasses. Heavy ballast in the toe section ensures
it will engage the
seabed upon hitting bottom. Lifetime warranty against
Located in Jacksonville Florida currently, headed to south FL in Feb then over to Bahamas soon after.
$250, ss swivel pictured is negotiable.