Antique Gimballed Oil Lamps - Matching Pair

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Antique Gimballed Oil Lamps - Matching Pair
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I have 2 antique oil lamps. A couple years ago I contacted The International Guild of Lamp Researchers about them. I will post my question to them, followed by their response.
Sherwood BHAM, British Starhinge Burner. ID? by Paul Rossi
Posted: Sep. 23, 2012 @ 13:24.
I am wondering if someone can take a look and tell me what I have here. The wick winder says "SHERWOOD" and "BHAM". The burner is marked "BRITISH STARHINGE BURNER". I don't know anything about them except that they came off of a boat at some time or another. Are they a common find? I have two complete lamps but missing one of the mounting rods for one of the smoke bells and 2 of the knurled screws that wedge the cup into the gimball. I have no idea if the globe is original or not. Are these lamps usable or safe to use? I will send photos to tech support and hope that they can add them to this post. Thanks.
On Sep. 24, 2012 @ 09:34, Paul Rossi wrote:
Picture. The dimensions are 8 1/8" from the wall to the far outer edge of the gimball ring. The height from the bottom of the weight ball to the top of the burner is also 8 1/8".
On Sep. 25, 2012 @ 08:24, Fred M. Smith wrote:
You have a Cast Dolphin Gimbal Bracket Lamp manufactured by Sherwood?s for use at sea. It was intended for use in the salon and not outside. I believe they were manufactured between the two world wars.
If the fonts and burners are sound, I do not see any reason to no use them. The smoke bells were purchased separately and are not needed if the top of the lamp is far enough away from the ceiling. The chimney looks appropriate for a one inch star hinge burner.
Have fun with them.
There are two complete lamps with the following exceptions:
Missing 2 knurled screws that hold the cup into the gimbal. (hardware store)
Only one smoke bell rod (online)
Only one chimney (hardware store/online)
I would like $200 plus shipping (about $15) for the pair and prefer not to split them up. Paypal please. Feel free to ask whatever questions you have. Thanks for looking!