1967 Champion

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1967 Champion
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I've decided, one champion is plenty. And testing the waters on this one. Almost had a deal with another member on this site a while back, but it never went through. This a 1967 Champion which appears to be original with Holman Moody 289. A few of the Moody parts were missing i.e. intake, distributor, outdrive. What you see in the pics is what is still there. Interested in selling the hull only, but will accept offers on additional parts as listed. This is a project boat, and a classic as well. Because it is not a Donzi, less of these were made and few are around today.
My other still turns quite a few heads, but is a work of progress to say the least. A search on this site will reveal some interesting facts, stories and tales as to how this boat existed, thus the reason for me joining this site.
If you have an interest PM me to discuss. If you think you know its value, go ahead and post. Because I am a member, I am putting up on here first because of the love you have for these rare boats.
I may be open to trade for some or all of the parts and or hull, just let me know what you got.
I live in Maryland, so boat will need to be picked up. Or you can make arrangents to transport. It does sit on a old cox roller trailer (bad tires) and that to be in separate or combined sale.
Additional items that may be for sale:
Holman Moody 289 block and heads
Volvo bell housing and transom bracket
Holman Moody exhaust logs in nice shape
Windshield (a little scratched up) may fit other Donzi's
Original 289 Motorcraft Carb (rebuild needed)

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