1994 donzi sweet 16 4.3lx - mint

over 3 years ago
1994 donzi sweet 16 4.3lx - mint
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This is my boat for sale. As far as I know from what I was told I am the 3rd owner and I wish it had an hour meter because when I bought the bought last year the shop that did my Thru Hull install (HOT TO GO RACING) estimated the boat to have approximately 50 hours or less.
I realize I'm asking top dollar for the boat, but it is in MINT CONDITION and a true Time Capsule. Some would say I probably over paid for it myself but it took me over a year to find one in this condition and I was willing to pay extra for that as I'm hoping the next owner will appreciate that too. The SWEET 16 was one of the many things on my BUCKET LIST and that's the only reason why I purchased it and am selling it. Moving onto the next toy.

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