Donzi Minx

over 2 years ago
Donzi Minx
Scott Pearson
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Not mine. But he contacted through our site and wanted to post it here for him.
He wrote:
I have a 1986 Hull # 20 Donzi Minx. I am looking for a good
home for it. The boat, motor and trailer is next to near perfect condition. I
was told the boat was worth around $30K but I am a realistic person and looking
for a real offer on the boat and good home for the it.
The engine was removed over the winter 2013-2014 and the
transom was replaced. Everything on the engine was replaced at that time. Not
that it needed it - I just wanted it perfect. New manifolds, risers, oil base
pan, complete tune up - wires, cap, rotor, plugs, t-stat and all hoses. I
maybe put 15 hours on it since all the work was performed over the 2014
The boat is clean and almost always in the garage except when
I have the for sale sign on it. The only reason for the sale of the boat is that
I have two kids in travel sports and we are never home during the summer
months. I hate to see it just sit.
Please feel free to call or ask anymore question you might
Jamie Freitas
Phone: 401-255-6080