1978 Seacraft 20ma-SOLD THT RULES

over 3 years ago
1978 Seacraft 20ma-SOLD THT RULES
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just serviced the front axle hubs and replaced the rear onces with complete new
ready for road trip
Okay, so i bought this with all intentions of putting her back together and use for ever
Well another deal is falling into my lap, wife wont go for 3 boats so this seacraft gets the short end of the stick.
Its been in the garage since i bought it.
Okay, when i bought it, it had a new epoxy with wood cored transom done, rebuilt splash well to accommodate the newly 25" transom.
The rest of the boat is SOLID, no soft spots
I have got an amstrong hatch cut in for the splash well.
I sanded down the inside of the hull, added a strengthening layer of 1708 to the inside of the hull where the carpet was originally. Also added (2) knee braces on each side to give the original cap more strength for standing or sitting on, which were also tabbed in with 1708 to the hull sides.
I then gelcoated and faired as best i could.
Its not showroom finish since i brushed it on, but can be wet sanded down to smooth.
I rebuilt the fuel hatch with corecell with many many layers of 1708, its was all done in a mold so its fit is perfect.
the actual pics are on here under boating i believe.
I removed the tank, and clean it out, 55gal poly tank, got it spotless inside, also shown on my rebuild thread.
I ran new fuel fill line and vent line, and new fuel pick up line.
The deck has been sanded completely and ready for the white kiwi grip i bought for it, that will go with boat also that was to "freshen up" the boat dramatically.
The console is the original wide console that i have bought a custom white peice of starboard to replace the old teak panel.
included is the todd leaning post with a backrest, but needs seat cushion.
Has a nice heavey duty tandem galvanized trailer that goes with, newer springs and all wheels have buddy bearings, pulled it back from charleston and no heat at all on the bearings.
Whats left.....
Console.....needs wires to be hooked up, all wires are there.
Rigging.........steering and nice morse controls and cables still in tack an look good.
Have new sending unit, and tank re installed (i will go ahead and do) and then the new hatch is to be set in place, havent done bc wanted to be sure what my leaning post mounts would be, since i used the corecell to save on weight, it will need an aluminum backing plate if done right, so will leave that for the new owner, so they can inspect tank and lines and place leaning post where the exactly want.
Kiwi grip deck, have the materials, just need a long Saturday to do.
Have new bildge pump ready to be installed and wires are all there.
Wiring..........most all wires look good that are ran, just need to be hooked back up.
I have currently a 150 mercury ready to go with it, but its from a twin set i am probly going to keep, but will throw in a nice running 150 johnson ocean runner, i beleive its 2000, with controls and will bolt it on for you so you can haul her with the boat back home
Alot of words here so ask away....
SOLD - thanks THT member DSDR
Location, Spartanburg SC (upstate SC, right near where I-26 and I-85 meet)
Trailer is included and road ready
Here are some picshttp://www.thehulltruth.com/parts-fo...ng-post.html#b
Tank redohttp://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-...atch-done.html
When i got ithttp://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-...-s-photos.html

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