ICOM M710 Radio and Mike

over 1 year ago
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Due to an extensive electronics upgrade [stay tuned for more items...] I have replaced my ICOM M710 with an ICOM M802 [I desired the DSC capability...]
That makes my fully functioning ICOM M710 [with HAM bands open] available for sale.
It comes with a mike [which is in great condition- including the cord...] and mounting bracket only. [No cables, tuner, modem, etc. All are readily available online.]
Everything is in good condition and has been working well with my AT140 tuner and packet radio modem. [Neither of which are for sale...]
I will sell for US$500 including USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the US. [Please add US$35 for same shipping to Canada.]
Please refer any technical questions you may have to the extensive documentation available online. [e.g., here are the vendor docs.]
Thank you for your interest.
Cheers! Bill