Zombie Apocalypse Escape Yacht

over 5 years ago
Zombie Apocalypse Escape Yacht
H Romberg
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Somebody is gonna get one heck of a deal on the prettiest, toughest, safest and best equipped sailing apocalypse escape vehicle I've ever seen. :mrgreen: (44mm [golf ball] bronze swivel cannon can be included for an additional fee)
The yachtworld listing is still in the works with Integrity yacht sales, but George Sabo will be happy to hear from anyone that's interested. I've been upgrading her since 2005, and a lot of her systems are new. Fuel tanks, engine, running gear, generator, Air conditioning, standing rigging, sails, canvas, radar, AGMs, Charger etc.
She's a thoroughbred cruiser, beautiful classic lines that will turn heads anywhere, enough mass to be strong and sea kindly, and enough canvas to move fast. Everything is designed with safety and comfort in mind. I've personally had this boat moving 13-15 kts.....under bare poles. I can't recommend going that fast in her, but if the wind is there she'll do it. For those who are smarter than I was when I did it, there is now a Jordan Series drogue included with the boat :mrgreen: There's an AB RIB with a Mercury 9.9 on the davits, redundant self steering, big AGM batteries, and everything else you'll need to go galavanting off into the sunset.