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AIS Receiver
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The SR161 is an entry-level, low-cost, single-channel scanning receiver. It is designed for recreational vessels using a PC computer with AIS-capable navigation software or RS232 compatible chartplotters, such as the Standard Horizon CP180 and CP300.
For a very simple, low-cost and easy-to-set-up PC-based AIS system, use the SR161, with the Sabrent USB to Serial Adapter.
New in original box - $150.00
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Key Features
Single channel receiver that scans between the two AIS frequencies
When interference is detected on one receiving channel, the SR161 automatically switches to the alternate AIS channel
High-sensitivity AIS data reception
Line of sight reception similar to marine VHF reception distances
Very low power consumption
Receives AIS Class A and Class B vessel reports
Sends information to a PC via a serial interface
Ability to track and display information on multiple targets
Easy installation: connect a VHF antenna (not included), 12 volt
DC power and a serial cable to your PC
Can be used with your existing VHF marine radio antenna with an appropriate splitter
Can be used to consolidate incoming NMEA positional data from a GPS into a combined high-speed data stream on a single serial port.
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Technical Specifications
Power supply range: 9 - 15 volts DC
Power consumption : 1.5 watt
Format: NMEA 0183 version 3
Baud rate: 38,400 baud
Output message: AIVDM
LEDs: 2 LEDs for receiver and data transfer
Frequency: AIS1 on 161.975 MHz, AIS2 on 162.025 MHz
Dual channel scan receiving (SR161)
Channel spacing: 25 KHz
Sensitivity: -112dBm
Demodulation: GMSK
Antenna impedance: 50 ohms
Dimensions: 115 x 75 x28 mm
Weight: 400g
Connectors: antenna BNC,
12 volt wiring
Serial port
Output port: 9 pin D socket RS-232 serial

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