MAS Resin, Hardener, System Three, Corecell, Ultrasonic Leak Detect, Infusion, etc..

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MAS Resin, Hardener, System Three, Corecell, Ultrasonic Leak Detect, Infusion, etc..
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I have a lot of items for sale right now. Wrapping up a big build.
These items can also be found on eBay with no reserve, but I has my last ad deleted because I didn't know I couldn't provide a link to eBay. Sorry, mods. This time, no link. Those that want to play the no reserve auction game will have to search my username, oceannavigator11 on eBay to find it.
Here are all the items still available. Open to reasonable offers. All the balsa core is sold as is all the 3/4" corecell.
Seen for $155/gal, $48/quart as the lowest online price, this MAS Fast Hardener is open to reasonable offers and available in gallons, half gallons and quarts.
MAS Fast Epoxy Hardener is a Non-Blushing room temperature rapid hardener for use with MAS Epoxy Resins.*
The low viscosity of Fast Hardener allows for quick wet-out of the heavy reinforcing fabrics often used in repair applications. MAS Non-Blushing Fast Hardener is a room temperature rapid hardener for use with MAS Epoxy Resins. Fast Hardener can also be used as an accelerator for the MAS Slow or Medium Hardeners when customized cure times are required. Appropriate applications for Fast include: bonding hardware, spot filling, and fairing. Additionally, the superior bonding strength of Fast formulas is ideal for high strength secondary bonding applications such as structural tabbing and repair of laminations. The rapid cure time of Fast allows overnight curing in low temperature conditions. We do not recommend mixing more than 5 oz. of formula unless rapid application techniques are incorporated. An induction time of 1-2 minutes is recommended prior to application of formula. Always maintain a 2:1 ratio of resin : hardener.*
New non-blushing formula.*
Great in cooler temperatures or when you need a fast repair.*
Superior secondary bond strength.*
Blendable with slow or medium hardener for customized working and curing times.*
Hardware Bonding*
Spot Filling*
Structural Tabbing*
Repair Laminations*
Wet-Out of Reinforcing Fabric
Amprobe ULD 300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit works with pressure or vacuum lines
I used this Amprobe ULD 300, a $400 Ultrasonic Leak Detector, for 3 weeks during the vacuum resin infusion process of building a pair of boat hulls. Saved me 30 hours of work every 2 weeks. Amazing product!*
The tool is of no use to me now that I am done infusing. Works perfectly. Good for HVAC pressure lines as well as vacuum lines.*
This $400 leak detector is yours for NO RESERVE!!*
Detects the ultrasonic noise created by pressure or vacuum leaks of any gas, regardless of type: CFC's, HFC's, Nitrogen, CO2, Steam, etc.*
Unaffected by contaminants, or windy conditions*
Identifies failing solenoids, valves and bearings*
Includes headphones, extension tube, parabola (reflector*
Audible & Visual Leak Indicators*
Battery condition indicator
MAS Infucure Infusion Hardener
This is an incredible product. Infused two 50 foot boat hulls with it. You are b
making offers on gallons of MAS Infucure hardener here. 6 gallons available. You can find it for $200/gal at Jamestown Distributors.
Makita 6.5Amp, 3 1/4" KP0080
Cuts very quickly and evenly. Powerful, yet delicate. Good Makita tool. Used just a few times during a boat build. All tools from the boat build must go. No room to keep them.
Will add to this thread as I take stock of what is up for sale and take more pictures.

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