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almost 2 years ago
race parts
Mighty Whitey 315
Available on
Yorba Linda,California

I`m always better at buying and never selling..... However, do to my ongoing health conditions this past 15 months has been tough finically....I still have some more time yet to go to get hopefully thru this crap...I seriously doubt I`ll have any immediate use for these parts in the near future nor will my family or friends....These parts that have made 30 to 40 passes.... I know what I have invested and I really don't think asking what I`m asking is unfair but I`m open to all offers....
I don't mean to sound like a Dick but I need to get a couple of things squared away cause the last time I drove 45 miles and spent 2 hours in traffic coming backing only to be offered $25.00 less I was kind of bent especially since my stuff isn't junk and it wasn't priced high and the dude was late....
I`m not FEDEX,UPS or whomever so I don't know how much it will cost to ship...however, I can help with weight,size of box needed, you know telephone stuff on my part....
I`m not into riding or driving long distances at the moment I do enough that during the week going to Kaiser and their snake oil specialist so unless you live fairly close I probably can't meet you especially if its 91 Fwy traffic time....
I`m located in Yorba Linda,California... Due to my sleeping habits,doctor appointments, just PM me the best time to call you back with any questions you may have.... Sorry its the best I can do at the moment..
Racepak data logger with 3 sensors & egts $3,000.00
MSD Pro Mag 12 W/ Pro Mag box and Mag blower Offset is for Standard height 9.800 BBC $2,000.00

2014 Hurricane Deck Boat w/ Yama...
Bella Vista,AR,USA
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Fort Mitchell,KY,USA
2016 HURRICANE SD 2200
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
2016 HURRICANE SD 2200
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