Assorted Teak: Cockpit Grate / Folding Teak Table

about 2 years ago
Assorted Teak: Cockpit Grate / Folding Teak Table
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Evansville, Indiana

Assorted teak items:
Cockpit Floor Grate
In excellent condition.
Size is 29.5" wide at one end / 24" wide at other end
Notch at narrow end for rudder post (6 inches wide notch)
Length is 65 3/4" long.
It is 3/4 inch thick.
Price for Teak Floor Grate :
Folding Teak Table Top.
Older. Has been stored for years.
Dusty in need of cleaning.
Opens to 27" wide x 36" long.
Folded is about 12" wide x 28" long.
It is not rectangular but more or a parallelogram. see photo.
Has slide out supports to support wings when table open.
No support post with table top.
Price for folding Table Top :
Teak hand rails in assorted lengths.
Four rails of 63" long.
Two rails of 53" long.
One rail of 43" long.
Three rails of 13" long.
--and two rails of 51 inches long (slightly narrower than rest)
Price for all hand rails: $200.
Location : Evansville, Indiana
Contact : Eric 812-483-4846 cell
[email protected]