RayMarine Radome 4D 24"

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RayMarine Radome 4D 24"
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I have a RayMarine Radome that was installed in a newly commissioned yaught but had issues and was return for warranty repair. The owner decided to purchase a replacement dome verses waiting for the repaired unit to be return. I am asking for $1000 or obo. Unit has been repaired and had been bench tested. This is the dome unit only, no cable or display. Retails for $1700 new.
Here are the specs;
The Raymarine 4D 24" 4kW Marine Radome is a compact high-performance 4KW Pathfinder Antenna with 48NM maximum range. Low noise receiver with 8 Pulse width/PRF settings delivers outstanding performance on every range. Compatible with Pathfinder R, RL, SL series displays, C-Series, and E-Series displays.
General SpecificationsAntenna Type Radome incorporating patch antenna
Approvals CE - conforms to 89/336/EEC (EMC), EN60945:1997
FCC - conforms to Part 80 (47CFR) and Part 2 (47CFR)
Dimensions 599mm x 227mm (23.6" x 8.9")
Environmental Waterproof to CFR46
Temperature range: -100 to +550C
Humidity limit: up to 95% at 350C
Maximum wind speed for satisfactory operation: 100Kts
Horizontal Beamwidth 3.9
Input Voltage 10.7 - 32 VDC
Maximum Range Scale 48 nm
Maximum Wind Load 100 kts
Operating Temperature -10C to +55C. Humidity limit: Up to 95% at 35C
Power Consumption 10W standby, 34W transmit
Rotation Speed 24 rpm
Vertical Beamwidth 25
Weight 7.6kg (16.7 lbs)
Transmitter and Receiver Specifications
Duplexer Circulator
IF Frequency 60 MHz (nominal)
Peak Power Output 4 kW (nominal)
Pulse Length PRF See See Pulse Length/PRF Table
Receiver Bandwidth 12/3/0.7/0.5 MHz
Receiver Characteristic Semi-log
Receiver Noise Figure Less than 5 dB (including Low Noise Converter/Inverter & IF Receiver)
Standby Mode Magnetron heater and control left on, all other services off
Transmitter Solid state modulator driving magnetron
Transmitter Frequency 9410 +/- 30 MHz

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