28 Skater

over 1 year ago
28 Skater
Gordon Douglas
Michael Telow
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1995 28 Skater with twin 2005 Mercury 300x motors. 190 hours since new and only used in fresh water. Tuned up, new impellers. Canadian boat since 2001. Tanks never had ethanol in them. Their perfect, but the boat is priced to have them done if you like, or just run ethanol free fuel. Your choice.
Labbed Mercury 34x15 humpback Cleavers. 1995 Douglas Marine trailer. New interior. SmartCraft gauges, 2 covers, race hatch, trim on throttles, gps speedometer. 118 mph.
Original paint from 1995 could use updating.
Any questions phone or text Mike at 917-678-0277