Balmar Model 97-EHD-12-185 Alternator

almost 3 years ago
Balmar Model 97-EHD-12-185 Alternator
Gulf Coast
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Hi, I have 2x Balmar Model 97-EHD-12-185 alternators available. Looking for $1,200obo, buyer pays shipping or can pick up in zip code 91360. Shoot me a text to 805 341 4101.
Purchased in December of 2012, but they have never been used.
Alternators have only been taken out of the box to be inspected by customs.
They are extra heavy duty (EHD) 12 Volt, 185 Amp alternators.
List price is $1,599 or higher.
------------------------------------------------------ Balmars 97-Series, extra-large case alter- nators deliver the size and charging output required to support battery banks of up to 750 amp hours at 12 volts or 500 amp hours at 24 volts. These 12-volt and 24-volt alternators are engineered for use with external multi- stage voltage regulation, making it possible to tailor charging voltage to maximize safety and efficiency when replenishing a wide variety of battery types. A robust J180 saddle-style dual foot mount- ing configuration is ideal as a replacement for standard J180 mount alternators or for use as
a second alternator on custom J180 saddle mount brackets. Isolated grounding termination provides sure continuity to system ground. High amperage diodes and extra-large sealed bearings ensure dependability and long alternator life. Included in the 95-Series alternator family are: 150-amp/12-volt; 165-amp/12-volt; 210-amp/12-volt; and 140-amp/24-volt models. All models meet U.S. Coast Guard Title 33 standards for ignition protection.
CASE CONSTRUCTION: Cast aluminum FINISH: White powdercoating COOLING: Bi-directional external fan
DIODES: 6-positive, 6-negative; 50A/200V
MINIMUM REQUIRED BELT CONFIGURATION: Dual 1/2 vee; 8-groove serpentine GROUND TERMINATION: Case independent (isolated) TACH OUTPUT: Unrectified AC stator outputs (3) BEARINGS: Sealed ball bearing. Heavy duty radial (front). Heavy duty needle (rear) TENSIONING ARM: 180 ̊ offset from mounting foot AVAILABLE OUTPUTS: 165A/12V, 210A/12V, 140A/24V
MOUNTING STYLE: 4 I.D. saddle mount (J180-style). IGNITION PROTECTION STANDARDS: USCG TITLE 33, CE, J1171, SAE 8846.

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