7 sails (Cal 2-27)

over 3 years ago
7 sails (Cal 2-27)
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I have seven sails and that were stored in reserve for a previous boat, a Cal 2-27, I owned but sold a few years ago.
Right before I acquired the boat, it had been upgraded with a new main and roller furling headsails.
These sails came with the boat, and for some reason did not match the sail number for the boat.
Using the boat as a weekend cruiser, I stored them in my home, and never used them.
All seven sails are visually in good condition,though again, I have no experience sailing with them to know how they perform.
I will price them accordingly, and would like to see someone get use out of them.
One spinnaker needs a few minor holes repaired that are no longer than a few inches in length.
One Dacron jib needs a small grommet replaced for a tension line.
The main needs new battens. All three spinnakers have either a combination of professionally sewn patches or repair tape, but look fully functional.
I would like $700 plus shipping for all seven sails.
Also, I would like to sell all seven together, but if
I don't get a buyer, I will consider selling them individually.
The sails are located in Northern Virginia and local pick-up is encouraged.
Given a firm commitment to buy them, I would be glad to deliver them to the Annapolis or the DC area.
Sails include (all measurements are approximate- rounded off to the nearest 1/2 foot):
Symmetrical spinnaker
33.5' x 33.5' x 20'
Symmetrical spinnaker
33' x 33' x 19.5'
Symmetrical spinnaker (.75 oz)
34' x 34' x 21'
This sail needs 3 patches/tape for minor tears no larger than 2" x 2"
Hank-on Mylar Jib
Luff 33.5' x leach 31' x foot 16.5'
There is a small window sewn in the luff
Hank-on Mylar Jib
Luff 34.5' x leach 33.5' x foot 19.5'
Hank-on Dacron Jib
Luff 31' x Leech 31' x ?
This sail is missing a small grommet where the leech line (tensioner) exits the sail
Main with bronze slides
Luff 29.5' x leach 31.5' x foot 9.5'
2 reefing points
4 batten pockets (no battens included)
Thank you,
Joe Henson

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