Mills Pop Off & Berk Suction/Bowl

almost 2 years ago
Mills Pop Off & Berk Suction/Bowl
Available on
NorCal, willing to ship on buyers dime

Mills Pop Off Valve- $1000 obo
In good working condition. Valve only, may be able to work a deal w/controls.
Berkley Bowl & Suction Housing- $650 obo
Bowl is detailed front and back and double drilled on both sides. Drilled and tapped for ride plate cradle and data. The suction housing is double drilled and machined for a pop off also. They have been painted by Tagger Designs. Paint is a 8/10 with a few chips around some of the bolt holes. It's a crazy color with sparkles, really pops in the sun. For a additional price I could include the painted snoot to match if someone really wanted it.
I will work a package deal for all also.
I have the bowl and pop off currently removed from the boat, will remove the housing this weekend to get better pics.
Located in NorCal, willing to ship on buyers dime. Pm me for number if interested.
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