Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 w/ GPS + 12v adaptor

over 1 year ago
Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 w/ GPS  + 12v adaptor
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Bought this for my trip to Canada this summer.
Used it rarely, never outside.
It works fine.
It runs a little hot on the bottom which I'm guessing is standard for this type because there's no fan or vents (and thus no dust).
It does hold a charge at least for a few hours.
I bought a 12v cigarette lighter charging cable that works well.
Also have the original wall charger.
I am going to wipe the OS.
In truth I think Linux and Open CPN would be the way to go.
The computer is by no means fast but runs Open CPN reliably.
You'd probably want to use this as a dedicated chart plotter and have a more zippy computer for taking to shore and emailing.
Condition is good.
The power port and one USB port's waterproof seals broke off.
Otherwise it's in pretty good shape.
I see these used by EMS at the hospitals I've worked at and they are usually way trashed so this is a decent one.
GPS shows my coordinates double checked by iPhone.
There is a windows product key on the bottom, you may be able to reinstall windows on the computer.
$150 + $15 s&h