Teak doors for sale

12 months ago
Jolly Roger
Available on
Cruiser Forum
Cape Canaveral, Florida - for the moment

I have three teak doors surplus to my remodeling.
The louvered door and frame measure 49 high x 17 wide overall, solid teak frame and door. $100
Both cupboard doors and frames measure 28 wide x 14 high overall, solid teak with wicker infills. $100 each
Doors do not have latching mechanisms, and either spring latch or simple push will fit. Frames have holes where the screws came out suitable for 3/8 plugs.
All are varnished, but if I was fitting them back into my boat I would strip them and re-varnish.
Location Port Canaveral, Florida. Buyer to pay packaging and shipping.

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