2006 Sea Hunt 232 Center Console, with Yamaha 225 4 stroke

over 3 years ago
2006 Sea Hunt 232 Center Console, with Yamaha 225 4 stroke
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2006 Sea Hunt 232 Center Console
The front of the hull has a dual flare, which is excellent at keeping the boat dry.
104 gallon fuel tank.
Length 232
Had it professionally bottom painted in 2013
2006 Yamaha 225 4 stroke
1093 hours
Top speed is about 50
Lorance LCX-37c - GPS/Fish Finder
8.4 diagonal monitor, 800x600 resolution
Novonics East Coast silver card
Mounted in front panel
CD/Radio mounted in front panel, speakers mounted inside of center console.
Ship to shore radio
Dual battery
Back of t-top
Base around console
Custom wrap around panels with wings
5 panels, one front of the console, one on each side, and 2 wings.
Great for keeping dry
This cost $2,500 to have installed
Rod holders
Four behind seat
Four on back top of center console
Four stainless steel rod holder rack mounted on right side of center console
Five rod holders on the side of boat.
The front rod holder on each side is a stainless steel 30 degree flush mounted that are both reinforced
Underneath with 1 of fiberglass to handle the stress of fighting tuna.
On the back right is a stainless steel 0 degree pivot mount rod holder that is reinforced underneath.
40 gallon with pump in back of boat
Two large storage/fish boxes in front
Cooler seat in front of console with backrest
Two small compartments on side of livewell in back of boat
Anchor with rope
T-bag mounted on front of console with vests
Bilge pump
Continental dual axle trailer
Bunk loading
two new spare tires
LED waterproof lights
Guide poles
Small drive up ramp to change tires
Full boat cover
Center console cover
I purchased this boat in 2009 from the original owner.
My primary objective was to have a boat that was light enough to easily trailer to different locations, and also large enough to handle sometimes rough and challenging conditions such as off Cape Cod.
Most years, I used it to fish for stripers out of Shark River for about 5 week in May and June, then when the tuna were up in Cape Cod, would drive it up there and fish or take the family whale watching.
Anyone who has been up in the Cape knows how it can get pretty nasty quick.
This boat had no problems, it was the perfect quiet boat for trolling and could cruise at 35 over a long period and just purr.
It rougher weather, you could see how the double flare in the front would disperse the water out to the side.
I had the wrap around panels installed to help stay warm, they are incredible.
I found the normal rod holders on the side were not well supported for larger rods used for tuna fishing so I upgraded them to ss and had them reinforced underneath.
Also installed a 0 degree ss holder in the back so as to use for live lining with a bent butt tuna rod.
There is some normal wear that might be expected on a 9 year old boat such as small spidering on the back tops of the sides.
Overall the boat is in excellent condition.
Price $25,000
Boat is on a trailer in NJ